#FOUR - "New York Live Experience"


"Oh! Mega! is an interesting band to listen to and has a unique quality about them that may set them apart from other bands. A quintet of undoubtedly talented musicians, Oh! Mega! has the potential to reach the next level and brand themselves into something people want not only to listen to, but to really focus on.
Atlantic Records"


April 7 - WAY STATION (Brooklyn, NY)

April 18 - SPIN NEW YORK (Manhattan, NY)

April 25 - Recording Album @ Alligator Lady Studio (Brooklyn, NY)

April 30 - NEW PABSCO (Brooklyn, NY)

May 2 - DESMOND'S TAVERN (Manhattan, NY)

May 16 - BESTBAR (Manhattan, NY)

May 29 - ALPHABET LOUNGE (Manhattan, NY)

June 20 - BESTBAR (Manhattan, NY) - EP Release Party

July 1 - WAY STATION (Brooklyn, NY)

July 11 - DESMOND'S TAVERN (Manhattan, NY)

July 24 - BESTBAR (Manhattan, NY)

August 7 - Kings County Saloon (Brooklyn, NY)

August 17 - Bowery Electric (Manhattan, NY)

September 20 - Kraine Theatre (Manhattan, NY)

October 12 - Rock Shop (Brooklyn, NY)

November 14 - Arlene's Grocery (Manhattan, NY)

November 24 - Black Bear (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY)




"From Brooklyn, alt-rockers Psychobaby are the epitome of indifference towards the mainstream. Top quality product. Good for the mind and body. In all seriousness Psychobaby are a band you need to look out for in 2016. The lyrics are weird, their vibe is sinister, and they generally make you feel uncomfortable. My type of music."

July 9 - Bitter End (Manhattan, NY)

July 20 - Pianos (Manhattan, NY)

August 13 - Arlene's Grocery (Manhattan, NY)

September 1 - Bowery Electric (Manhattan, NY)

October 10 - Pianos (Manhattan, NY)

November 19 - Bowery Electric (Manhattan, NY)




"He is a rising star in an indie pop that burst onto the scene with the release of his single "Me & You On Top" in 2014. The accompanying music video has received over 300,000 views on YouTube, and secured his position as one of the most promising artists to come out of the uk. Ozonna recently released a new  single, "We Glow", produced by industry heavyweights Jimmy Greco."

August 18 - Casa Mezcal (Manhattan, NY)

November 20 - Voice of America (Washington D.C.)

August 11/12 - EP Recording @ Martin Bisi Studio (NY)