#ONE - "Without history, there would be no future"

There is that old saying that says "you can't know where you are going, until you know where you have been". How can you take your drumming further, how can you become a better drummer if you don't understand what came before? By understanding more about the different styles and their history, you are gonna give yourself a creative edge as a musician, because it will make you a more competitive player and you will be able to get out there in the working world and be able to make it as a musician [...].  - Daniel Glass.

I think that a big part of being a musician today is being aware of what happened before you. How can you be original, creative and innovative if you don't know the history of your instrument and the people that developed it during the course of time? You don't want to be a leaf that doesn't know to be part of a tree, do you?

I'm really passionate about drum history and I always try to inform myself as thoroughly as possible. Talking with older cats, researching online and reading drum books, you can discover little things about your instrument that will blow your mind! You just need to be willing to investigate and be fond of drums! Studying what happened before you, will allow you to learn so many tips about how to improve your way of drumming that you will be more than surprised, I promise you!

Few months ago I had the opportunity to work as a drum tech for Daniel Glass during one of his masterclasses at The Collective School Of Music, NYC. For those who don't know about him, Daniel Glass is an award-winning drummer, author, historian and educator. He is widely recognized as an authority on classic American drumming and the evolution of American Popular Music. Voted as one of the top five R&B drummers in the world he is a member of the pioneering swing group "Royal Crown" and he performed with the "Brian Setzer Orchestra".
During the clinic he talked about his latest project "The Century Project", 100 years of american music from behind the drums (1865-1965). It was enlightening! I highly recommend to check out his "Century Project" DVD and if you want to know more about vintage drums you should definitely get "Traps: the incredible story of vintage drums" DVD.

Here you can find a pdf version of "A Century of Drumming Evolution" written for Vic Firth by Daniel Glass. I think that reading it is a good way to start investigating your past to be more prepared for creating a great future.

Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it over and over! So don't wait, get started!

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